Super Smash Flash 2

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latestSuper Smash Flash 2 is the most popular fighting game, created by McledGaming. Even though, the developed hasn’t published the full version of the game, you can enjoy the demo at official website or at our website. This game features the most popular heroes from your childhood, including Mario and his brother Luigi, Pikachu from Pokemons, Sonic and many others. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game, only few of them are unlocked, the others you must unlock during the game. The most popular characters of Super Smash Flash 2 are : Bomberman,Captain Falcon,Donkey Kong,Kirby,Mega Man,Naruto,Wario,Yoshi and others . The complete list of characters you can find here.

Controls for the Super Smash Flash 2 are:

Player 1:
[W][A][S][D]- move
[U]- Grab  [I]- Shield  [O]- Attack 1  [P]- Attack  [1]- Taunt

Player 2
[W][A][S][D]- move
[5]- Grab  [1]- Shield  [2]- Attack 1   [3]- Attack 2   [4]- Taunt   [0]- Pause




There are several game modes in Super Smash Flash 2. In addition to the traditional single player mode, you can play 2 vs 2 game or even multiplayer. You can fight against your friends or play as a team against computer. Also keep in mind, that all the characters are absolutely different and have different skills. Some of them can run faster, some of them jump higher. All of them has also a special attack – Final Smash.

I am sure that you will enjoy playing the Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) game at our website. Keep in mind that you can even download super smash flash 2 from the official website and play it later. The game is rather big and it takes long time to load it in the browser, so I recommend you to download it. Check out links below

Version Windows | Mac | Linux

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